How can a personal fitness trainer help you in avoiding common workout mistakes


How can a personal fitness trainer help you in avoiding common workout mistakes?

It’s common for so many people to feel as if they are in a maze when they enter the gym. The entire environment can be over whelming for new comers and can cause a lot of confusion. Imagine, among all that confusion comes an angel as a saviour to save you from getting lost in the maze. That’s your personal fitness trainer right there. During your starting sessions your fitness training doesn’t have to be full of mistakes. Let’s discuss a few common mistakes during fitness training that a personal fitness trainer can help you with.

Most people don’t keep track or a training journal

Simply taking before and after a photo isn’t going to do much when it comes to keeping a track of your fitness training. You might be thinking it as an extra chore but its importance can be figured out by the fact that during personal fitness instructor courses, the personal fitness trainers are asked to encourage their clients to keep a training journal that they can explore later on and assess what went wrong where. A personal trainer helps you in logging your weight, weights used, reps and work outs.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

I have seen so many people say, ‘we can eat whatever we want because we go to the gym’. This is so wrong because if you are eating a cheese pizza right before coming for your fitness training, your entire struggle will go to a waste. Personal fitness trainers always provide you with a nutritional health diet chart that you need to follow in order to see results of your input.

Setting Unrealistic Fitness Goals

I’ll go the gym for a month and shed 10 extra pounds off me’. This is impossible. You are setting an unrealistic goal that isn’t going to help. If you are thinking with 50 reps of leg exercise, your legs will look toned in a day, this is like drinking a diet coke with two large beef

burgers and thinking you won’t gain any weight. Your fitness training should be based on reachable fitness goals which a personal fitness trainer can help you with.

Apart from these mistakes there are so many weight lifting mistakes and resting mistakes that people make during work out sessions that can cause various injuries. Personal fitness trainers are there to keep you safe.